Engage your audience with immersive interactive experiences!


Create your space 

  • Create a bespoke Live Space with custom branding and marketing features
  • Recreate the location using 3D scans and 360° images
  • Build an immersive experience with 360° audio and video
  • Navigate through photospheres to create 'viewpoints' where users can interact with content
  • Create a map for easy navigation to your content

publish Your content

  • Design and test idealised user experiences
  • Input your 360° video and panoramic photos
  • Repurpose existing video, audio and image content
  • Curate your Live Space with voice-over and text 
  • Add subtitles for optimised mobile and SEO
  • Create localised versions for different markets

Share & grow your social network

  • Use built-in viral tools to share embedded content on social networks and bring users back to your Live Space
  • Target local markets with language and network specific API's (Ten Cent, We Chat, Line)

Other Features

  • Analyse and optimise the customer experience with detailed analytics
  • Custom domain names
  • Custom integration with existing catalogues, e-commerce platforms, web pages and back-end services 
  • On-Premises and Managed Service packages available
  • Flexible feature options