In this stage, meetings for project planning and budgeting take place, as well as staffing and legal documentation.

Some initial designs may be drawn out, and plans are signed off ready for production.


Capture Spaces

Rooms and buildings are 3D scanned using professional hardware, and photospheres (360° photos) inside and outside the building/space to later process and use as 'locations' in the project. 

Videospheres are recorded in the space using professional 360° camera rigs to use as content for the Live Space.



The Replicorder app is used for scanning real-world objects to be placed in photospheres and 3D model space.

The Replicate online application creates immediate point cloud models and final textured meshes out of input photographs taken with mobile app.  In this way, 3D models are generated (image to point cloud to mesh) and they are adapted ready to import to Live Spaces.


Content Production Pipeline

Adapting the high quality 3D scans for Live Spaces involves converting them into optimised models, aiming to lower overall file size and polygon count to minimum footprint while maintaining enough detail for high quality visualisation.

Photospheres and videospheres are taken into post-production pipeline, and all content is processed including stitching, colour correction and formatting.



Experience Production Pipeline

Unity 3D is used alongside custom integration tools to arrange 3D models and hotspots/locations for content in 3D space. Descriptions, labels and previews are added to all content in 3D space.

Photospheres are aligned with 3D models, and flythroughs are created for streamlined navigation through 3D space. Audio (both background and voiceover) is processed to be readable by all browsers, and configurations of all content are built and exported for input into Live Spaces.



Programming Customisation

Live Spaces projects can be customised using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL. Custom behaviours and scripts are also added for each project as required.


Publishing & Operation Services

Live Spaces are hosted by Amazon Cloud Services.


R&D: Interacting with Replicate

We are investigating how an image-based and semi-automated pipeline process could be used to produce professional quality online experiences.

Replicate acquisition produces intermediate point cloud results as well as other internal data visualisation (e.g. score heat-map showing areas requiring more captures for better scanning).


We are gathering feedback through online visitor interaction using analytics data, and would love to hear your comments too. Please click on the link below to see the Replicate Live Space, and click here to take part in our survey.