The Challenge

To extend the reach and accessibility of Ai Weiwei's sold-out exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Key Benefits

Increased reach, exposure and accessibility. Created a digital archive of the landmark exhibition and provided educational materials for the Open University.

The Results


*April 2016. **In the first 3 months, based on number of exhibition attendees.

The Partnership

AVM were commissioned by The Space to increase the reach of this landmark exhibition beyond the walls of the Royal Academy of Arts and its traditional demographic. 

The physical exhibition was put together across 10 months with teams on 3 continents, and it was held in the RA Main Galleries, London from 19th September to 13th December 2015.

The online exhibition consisted of 12 rooms, 48 videos, 12 unique soundtracks, 1100 words, 49 installations and 5 key contributors. It launched on January 14th 2016 and remains open to the public both in the artist's studio in Beijing and on the RA's website.

Critical Acclaim


#AiWeiWei360 on Twitter and user feedback


“Just love your new 360 Ai Weiwei virtual tour. Absolutely brilliant in the way you can look around, and in the voice info. I was lucky enough to go to the exhibition, and this is a marvelous way of being immersed in it once again. Please do more virtual tours for future exhibitions too!”  -  Member of the RA.